What You Need to Know About Welding Electrodes E6013

E6013 electrodes are Stick or SMAW welding electrodes with Rutile-type flux coating that contains Titania TiO2 as a slag former and potassium as arc stabilizer, so these electrodes are characterized by less spatter, arc is easily ignited, smooth weld profile and excellent for positional welding but they have limited penetration characteristics, cracking risks due to the higher content of H2 in the produced weld metal in addition to low toughness at low temperature that is why, these electrodes are not preferred for welding thick sections.

What Does 6013 Mean on A Welding Rod?

As per the American Welding Society standard AWS, welding electrodes are classified based on the ultimate tensile strength, welding positions to be used, electrical polarity to be used and flux coating type. E6013 welding electrodes are present in AWS A5.1 specification and each part in the designation E6013 refers to a certain information as follows:

  • The E letter refers to Electrode.
  • 60 means that the produced weld metal has a minimum 60,000 Psi ultimate tensile strength.
  • 1 means that this electrode can be used in all welding positions (flat, horizontal, vertical and overhead positions).
  • 3 means that this electrode has a rutile flux coating type and can work on welding currents AC/DC ±.

What Is E6013 Welding Rod Used for?

These electrodes are the best choice for beginners, light to medium penetration applications and poorly fitted joints. Due to their limited penetration characteristics and heavy slag layer formed on the produced weld metal, these electrodes are used for general purpose mild steel works, thin metal sheet works in addition to repair and maintenance works as follow:

  • Automotive industries: car panels, trucks, trailers, etc.
  • Shipbuilding and repair.
  • Thin metal sheet welds.
  • Suitable for filling passes of multi-pass welds.
  • General purpose welds: electrical panel boxes, general purpose structures, etc.
  • Low-pressure pipework, support brackets.
  • Metallic furniture welds.

6013 Welding Rod Common Sizes and Prices

Dimensions (Ø (mm) x length (mm))Min Current (A)Max Current (A)WηNBHTUPrice Range
2.5 X 350701001.8920.6930.758240.7-1.5$ /Kg
3.2 X 3501001402.9950.61571.160230.7-1.5$ /Kg
4.0 X 4501201705.6940.64271.496210.7-1.5$ /Kg
5.0 X 4501602508.8960.66172.0105210.7-1.5$ /Kg
  • W: weight (kg/100 electrode).
  • η: efficiency (gm weld metal *100/gm core wire).
  • N: effective value (kg weld metal/kg electrode).
  • B: changes (number of electrodes/kg weld metal).
  • H: deposit rate at 90% of max current (kg weld metal / arc time).
  • T: fusion time at 90% of max current (s/electrode).
  • U: arc voltage (V).

6013 Welding Electrode Manufacturer & Supplier

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