What You Need to Know About Welding Electrode E7018

E7018 welding electrode is defined as a low hydrogen iron powder electrode with basic flux coating. E7018 welding rod is suitable for welding heavy structures, high strength jobs where sub-zero impact properties are required. The basic flux coating ensures defect-free high-quality welds in addition to enhancing the mechanical properties. The presence of iron powder in the coating increases the recovery rate which consequently increases the deposition rate and makes welding faster.

What is the meaning of AWS A5.1 E7018 & E7018-1?

E7018 is the designation of low hydrogen iron powder electrode as per the American welding society standard specification AWS SFA-5.1” SPECIFICATION FOR CARBON STEEL ELECTRODES FOR SHIELDED METAL ARC WELDING “and each part of the designation stands for certain information as follow:

  • E: stands for electrode
  • 70: stands for the minimum ultimate tensile strength of the produced weld metal expressed in Kpsi (70,000 psi).
  • 1: refers that this electrode can be used in welding in all position: Flat, Horizontal, Vertical up and overhead positions.
  • 8: refers to that this electrode is low hydrogen one with basic flux coating in addition to the usability as this electrode can be used with AC/DC (+) polarity.
  • -1: indicates that this electrode meets the requirements for improved toughness and ductility that is why this electrode can be used for sub-zero applications.

There are other optional supplementary designators that may be used E7018-1 H4-R which refers to certain information as follows:

  • H4: refers to that the produced welds by using this electrode produces welds with limited H2 content not exceeding 4 ml per 100 grams of weld metal.
  • R: refers to that the electrode meets the requirements of the absorbed moisture test after exposure (in this case, the electrode meets 0.4% moisture by weight after exposure).

What is E7018 welding rod used for?

7018 welding rod is called an all-purpose electrode and is characterized by the following features:

  • Ease of use.
  • Excellent control.
  • Superior welding performance.
  • Enhanced mechanical properties specially toughness and impact.
  • Out of position welding.
  • Deep penetration arc.
  • High quality of produced welds.
  • Ease of cleaning up joints after welding.

That is why this electrode is used in many applications requiring such features as follows:

  • Steel structures fabrication and erection.
  • Piping work in construction of new projects including refinery plants, power plants, water treatment plants, petrochemical plants, etc.
  • Pressure vessels fabrication and erection.
  • Tanks fabrication and erection.
  • Automotive industries.
  • Repair and maintenance work.
  • Fabrication of agricultural equipment.
  • Channels and tubes fabrication.
  • Carbon steel plate works.

E7018 welding rod common sizes and prices

This welding electrode is manufactured with different sizes of diameter and length as follows:

Dimension (mm)Current (Amp)Economics
Ø x LengthMinMaxWηNBHTUPrice Range $/Kg
2.5 * 350701102.51290.67650.9657241.1-1.5$
3.2 * 350901404.71240.7421.2468231.1-1.5$
3.2 * 450901404.71240.73311.3385231.1-1.5$
4.0 * 3501201905.51180.70290.6375241.1-1.5$
4.0 * 4501201907.01180.71221.7692241.1-1.5$
5.0 * 45019026010.61190.75132.6199241.1-1.5$
6.0 * 45022034014.61200.8093.8897261.1-1.5$
  • W: weight (kg/100 electrode).
  • η: efficiency (gram weld metal *100/gram core wire).
  • N: effective value (kg weld metal/kg electrode).
  • B: changes (number of electrodes/kg weld metal).
  • H: deposit rate at 90% of max current (kg weld metal / arc time).
  • T: fusion time at 90% of max current (s/electrode).
  • U: arc voltage (V).

What is the difference between E7018 and E6013?

There are many differences between E6013 and E7018 which are summarized in the following table:

Comparison itemE6013E7018
Coating type--High titania potassiumLow hydrogen potassium Iron powder
Welding Parameters--AC/DC (-) & DC (+)AC/DC (+)
Mechanical propertiesStrength UTS, Ksi60 Ksi Min.70 Ksi Min.
Yield Strength, Ksi48 Ksi Min.58 Ksi Min.
Elongation (in 2 inches)17 %22 %
Impact toughnessNA27 Joule @ -30°C & 27 Joule for E7018-1 @ -45°C
UsageusesSuitable for welding thin steel sheetsSuitable for thick sections and serious applications
ApplicationsGeneral purpose electrode: maintenance and repair work, metallic Furnitures, etc.More serious applications electrode: piping work, pressure vessels, steel structures, etc.
PenetrationCharacterized by shallow penetrationCharacterized by deep penetration

7018 Welding Electrode Manufacturer & Supplier

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