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South Africa is an African country located at the southern tip of Africa continent. The country is characterized by its growing economy through the last decade but nowadays the country has some troubles in the economy due to covid pandemic. The welding field plays an important role in the country’s economy as it shares by high percentage in manufacturing, construction, agricultural and infrastructure projects. There are many companies in South Africa are manufacturing and or trading in welding consumables and welding tools as mentioned later in this post.

Thuthuka Welding

Thuthuka welding is a level 2 BBBEE compliant company specialized in manufacturing welding consumables under its own brand named “ISOARC” and has long experience in this field for more than 40 years. The company offers a wide range of welding consumables including welding electrodes, welding wires, gouging electrodes and respiratory protection systems. The company is accredited ISO 9001 certificate and its products are characterized by their high quality. The company manufactures a wide range of welding electrodes for different materials including mild steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel, cast iron in addition to hard facing electrodes where all products count for 42 products in all. Also, the company offers various grades of MIG, TIG and flux cored wires.

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Vorarc welding

Vorarc Welding is Africa’s largest manufacturer of submerged welding flux and wire. The company was founded in 1982 and started its business selling welding consumables from small rented premises. Then the company expanded and started to manufacture submerged welding fluxes and wires which under extensive research and development, the company became the main manufacturer and supplier of a wide variety of submerged arc welding wires and fluxes for different applications ranging from cladding to structural steel fabrication. Vorarc also manufactures a wide range of manual metal arc welding electrodes for mild steel materials, hard facing welding rods, cutting and gouging rods, stainless steel rods and cast-iron welding rods.

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Pinnacle welding & safety

Pinnacle Welding and Safety is the fastest growing company in South Africa and is specialized in providing overall welding and safety consumables, services and technical support. In 2017, Pinnacle got its own welding manufacturing plant called “Chisa” which enhanced the performance of company and became a main player in South Africa market. Pinnacle provides a wide range of products which include welding machines, welding electrodes, MIG/MAG welding wires, TIG welding wires, copper and silver brazing flux, submerged arc welding wires and fluxes, welding torches and related accessories and abrasives in addition to safety tools which include safety shoes and safety helmets. The company sales cover a lot of countries which include the southeast Asia, Russia, China, Europe, South America and all SADC countries in Africa in addition to the local market in South Africa.

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PRO-MAX welding & cutting machines, equipment & consumables

PROMAX | Welding & Cutting machines, equipment & consumables was established in 2002 and its main business was in manufacturing some manual metal arc welding electrodes in addition to importing and distributing other welding consumables. PRO-MAX manufactures welding electrodes for mild steel, stainless steel, cast iron in addition to hard facing and gouging electrodes. The company imports and distributes the following products:

  • MMA welding machines, welding accessories and consumables.
  • MIG/MAG welding machines
  • TIG welding machines
  • Plasma welding machines
  • Gas welding accessories

Also, the company provides other services which include repair and maintenance of welding machines and training on products.

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Amalgum welding shop

Amalgum welding shop was established in 2002 and its main business was the supply of all welding tools, spare parts and welding consumables in addition to manufacturing and supplying welding torches. The company has two main workshops: the first one is for manufacturing and repairing the welding torches and the second one is for the welding machines. The company provides a wide range of products including welding machines, plasma cutters, gas equipment, abrasives, safety tools, MIG welding torches and power tools. The company is a certified agent for many brands including Pinnacle, Lincoln electric, Bosch, Lukas, inneco, mat-weld, etc.

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UNIQUE WELDING is the largest gas and welding distributor in South Africa. The company has global partnerships with the world’s leading welding and gas companies including Air Products, ESAB, Bohler, WITT, Optrel, EasiGas, SRF and Weldamax Hamisa. The company provides a wide range of products which include welding machines and spare parts, fuel gas welding equipment and spare parts, plasma cutting machines and spare parts, gouging torches and spare parts, welding electrodes and wires, brazing wires and fluxes, welding generators in addition to power tools. Also, the company provides after-sales support services.



WELDING ANALITIX is a leading distributor for the world’s leading welding companies including KISWEL and AMPCO. The company has a strategic partnership with KISWEL company which has a headquarters in south Korea and is specialized in manufacturing different types of welding electrodes. Also, the company has a strategic partnership with AMPCO which manufactures copper-based welding products. Regarding the welding equipment, the company has a strategic partnership with FRONIUS which is a global leader in manufacturing welding machines and welding technologies. FRONIUS provides a wide range of welding equipment starting from the traditional MMA welding machines reaching to robotic welding machines that are used by world’s leading manufacturers.


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