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Welding rod is a generic term for electrodes, it is a mineral and metal powder-coated metal rod, used to provide filler to join two other base metals. If you are looking for the top welding electrode manufacturers and suppliers in Saudi Arabia, this can help you.


One of the most renowned companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia when it comes to top-quality welding equipment and accessories such as welding rods. Khalid Nehar Al Shamry Trading Est. was established in 2000 and is considered one of the leading companies in the field of supply chain management. One of its most popular brands in the welding rod is KASWELD. It was developed in response to the shortage of general-purpose electrodes for both the organized and unorganized sectors.

Most small manufacturers choose this brand because it is weldable in all positions. They are considered to be very energy efficient as well.

KASWELD welding wires are the strongest welding electrodes ever, they offer good value for money and the best welding performance you are looking for. Not only that but KASWELD is also considered the best when it comes to sales and repair. Reliability, durability, and quality are also expected.

KASWELD is also good at graphite coatings, monel welding, and machinable welding with minimal dilution to ensure shallow but efficient weld penetration. Best of all, it does not require preheating.

Only high-quality materials and advanced technology are used in the manufacture of this product. Most of these products are available at a very reasonable price.



If you prefer a Bohler welding rod for your welding needs in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, then turn to Kanoo Machinery for the best quality yet affordable Bohler welding rod in the Kingdom.

Kanoo Machinery is the leading supplier of industrial equipment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and has a comprehensive range of products and services to suit your needs.

Bohler Welding offers a globally unique and complete product portfolio of welding consumables including welding wire from our own production. It is guaranteed that all products are constantly adapted to the current specifications of the most demanding industries and adapted according to their specifications and requirements and, if necessary, to the requirements of the world market, maintaining the highest quality standards.



Also one of Saudi Arabia’s largest suppliers of welding and cutting equipment, consumables, and accessories. Headquartered in Al Khobar with branches in Riyadh, Jeddah, Yanbu, Jubail, and Abha. All branches are equipped with a full range of services to meet customer sales and service requirements.

Authorized supplier of LINCOLN FLEETWELD brand in the Kingdom. Fleetweld has been the popular choice of professional and amateur welders since its introduction by Lincoln Electric.

It is available in three (3) sizes, FLEETWELD® 180-RSP, FLEETWELD® 37-RSP, and LINCOLN 7018AC-RSP.

  • FLEETWELD® 180-RSP – suitable for small AC welding machines, these rods provide arc stability for excellent performance with a power source as low as 50V. Easy to start and well suited for sheet metal, galvanized, and a specially coated steels.
  • FLEETWELD® 37-RSP – if you need a rod for low current sheet metal welding. This rod is perfect. It is an excellent all-around electrode used primarily in applications where appearance is important.
    Excellent choice for work with irregular or short welds that require a change in position.
  • LINCOLN 7018AC-RSP- this electrode can be used for most difficult-to-weld steels, such as structural steel, field assembly, equipment, and oil rigs. It welds in all positions except vertically down.


The company has its own factory in Al Ahsa, Saudi Arabia, with the aim of supplying locally produced welding consumables of international quality to Saudi Arabia, the GCC, Arab countries, and other neighboring countries. This production facility has the capacity to manufacture 10,000 tons of gas shielded welding electrodes per year. It covers an area of 1100 square meters.

With its technology, which comes from Europe, it can adapt to the requirements of its customers. Some of its welding rods products are: Mild Steel (6013, 6010), Low Hydrogen (7018, 7018-1), High Strength (8018, 9018, 10018), Stainless Steel (308, 316, 310), Cast Iron (Ni, NiFe, NiCu), Pipe Welding (6010, 7010, 8010), Aluminum (Al, Al5Si, Al12Si) and many other types depending on the needs.

SPARK Electrodes has also obtained ISO 9001:2015 certification from the American Bureau of Shipping. And a dedicated member of the American Welding Society. They ensure that their factory has the latest mechanical, chemical and non-destructive testing equipment for raw material and finished goods. And are committed to providing all welding consumables to their valued customers by continually expanding and upgrading their resources.



Saudi Electrodes Factory is known to be the first factory in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to produce welding rods This factory is fully owned by a Saudi national.

The building is located in the industrial area of Jeddah and is built on a 3575 m² plot with a covered area, half of which is made of steel and half of brick. It is equipped with a production area, offices, storage rooms for raw materials and finished products, a dining area for employees, a chemical laboratory and a room for mechanical testing.

Saudi Electrodes’ products are the following:

  • SAUDIROD SR-6010 – a lightly coated cellulose welding rod for all positions with fast freeze deposit that allows deep penetration. The slag is quite light and the weld bead has uniform waves and a radiographic quality weld.
  • SAUDIROD SUPER-WELD 7018 – a basic coated electrode with a deposition efficiency of about 115%, with excellent all-around operability, smooth and soft arc, easy slag control, welding in all positions, low spatter and self-release. The special cladding design allows fine droplet transfer with high deposition rate and suitable for welding of pipes.
  • SAUDIROD 308L – this welding rod offers all the advantages of the advanced rutile electrode design to both the welder and the weld metal. In addition, combined with high cosmetic quality and full volumetric weld metal integrity. it offers optimum versatility for bottom-up and positional welding,

The smaller welding wire sizes are particularly suited for the most demanding vertical and overhead welding applications in fixed pipe mills, and can be easily used to qualify procedures in the ASME 6G position.

Welding non-stabilized or stabilized 18/8 stainless steel from 3mm to the thickest section requires a stringent quality standard, which this product meets.

Perfect for food, chemical process vessels, pipelines and nuclear structures.


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“ATLANTIC” focus on welding consumable over 70 years, our welding rods and welding wires be widely used in all kinds of industry fields, including pipeline, pressure vessels, bridges, vehicles and etc. If you have any demands for that, feel free to contact us for any welding consumables quotation or technical help!

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