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Welding is a process of joining materials together by the application of heat and pressure. The two materials that are being joined must be compatible with each other. If the materials are not compatible, then there will be a weak joint that may fail under stress. The welding rod is used to apply the heat and pressure to hold the joint together.

The welding rods manufacturer and supplier in Qatar commonly use iron as the main material. This type of welding electrode is usually used to join metals together.

Nowadays, welding electrode manufacturers and suppliers in Qatar are active in many industries all around the world, such as the pipeline, repair of cars, ships, planes, tanks, trains and so on. They are not only providing services for customers in Qatar but also sending their products to other countries. And here are the top welding electrode manufacturers and suppliers in Qatar, hope it can help you!

Waltec W.L.L

Waltec has been providing products and services to different industries in the Middle East since 1991. They are the exclusive distributors of many of the leading brands of welding consumables.

They are also one of the largest distributors in the Middle East. They have the best quality of products and services. They have set up new branches in different parts of the UAE like M/s Weltec FZE in Jebel Ali and M/s Arcaid Equipments LLC in Abu Dhabi.

The company now is the most complete and flexible distributor for all the welding equipment. Waltec gained customers’ trust by offering them reliable, quality and excellent services. Also, they are continuously striving to provide excellent service to the customers, by utilizing the high-tech equipment that we have developed over the years.

They also constantly strive to exceed the expectations of our customers by introducing new and innovative technology that enables us to provide complete services to our customers. Customer requirements and suggestions are being incorporated into the business process in order to provide continuous improvements.

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Fabricast W.L.L

Fabricast is a managed limited liability company with branches not only in Qatar. They also professionally managed their branches in Kuwait and Oman.

They are committed to providing innovative, cost-effective, quality welding and cutting solutions to various industries in the GCC. They strive to provide innovative, cheaper, and high-quality welding equipment solutions to various industries in the UAE and Gulf Regions.

They have been doing that successfully for the past 10 years. They are proud to be one of the most trusted distributors of welding equipment in the UAE, since 2005. They supply products that are used in a variety of industries, such as steel, shipbuilding, heavy construction, offshore, energy, repair & maintenance and many more.

Fabricast has always been a leading supplier of the highest quality welding equipment and supplies from the leading manufacturers in the industry. They are committed to ensuring that all customers are completely satisfied with the products and services. They are on the road to dominating the market niches in other GCC regions.

Fabricast are also providing total welding solutions to the customers and constantly improving the capabilities in order to assist them in meeting their needs. This makes Fabricast grow as one of the best suppliers in the UAE and the region.

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International Welding Rods Factory

International Welding Rods Factory is located in the industrial area of Doha Qatar, which covers a land area of 4,971 square meters. They produce high-quality welding rods for the local market. They have ISO-certified and have good quality machines and employees who have many years of experience in the industry, working together to provide the clients’ needs with excellent products.

They always provide the clients’ needs with high-quality products and excellent service to ensure that they are completely satisfied with the services before, during, and after the sale of those products. They offer high-quality products at very competitive prices.

International Welding Rods Factory is actively striving to be the best in the construction industry. They constantly aim to become better, and strive to innovate the products and services. Thus, they participate in local and international exhibitions to increase our marketing capabilities and brand awareness.

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Lion International Middle East W.L.L

Lion International (U.K.),ltd was incorporated in 1998 as a major company in welding equipment. They start services in the UK. Lion is committed to manufacturing high quality products that will meet the needs of the customers all over the world. The goal is to become a world leader in quality welding equipment by developing world class products. Lion International has worked hard to develop quality products that will meet the needs of the welding industry in many countries around the world.

Lion products have also become very popular over a short period of time and are now well-known in the Middle East.

Lion products are manufactured in strict control conditions to ensure that they are manufactured to the highest quality standards. This includes ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.

They have been able to work closely with a number of world class welding suppliers, which enables them to provide quality products to meet the needs of our esteemed customers all around the world.
The distributor network is growing every day to reach customers across the globe, big and small. Lion offers a wide range of products to help you achieve success in your welding and cutting process.

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Offshore Industrial Supplies W.L.L

Offshore Industrial Supplies (OIS), established in 2002, is a leading supplier of a broad range of internationally recognized products. The products include: Lifting & Access Systems in the UK, Geotex in Netherlands, Tempindic in India, Temptek in Japan, Tempsyn in UK, Aeroflex UK, Twemsyn in China.

OIS is now recognized as a reliable supplier to the Oil & Gas Industry, as well as to international contractors working on oil and gas projects in Qatar. They also have a large inventory of engineering and safety products that will be used by our customers to meet their daily requirements.

They have a highly skilled workforce, extensive inventory, and have a good knowledge of the market to help us serve the clients. OIS is constantly providing its clients with the best possible products and services in order to help them improve their operations. They are committed to provide the best possible products and services.

OIS is focused on the following industries: Oil & Gas Industry, Refineries, Petrochemical, Pipelines, Water & Power Industry, Construction Industry – Lifting and Access Division and Safety Division, including the welding and safety equipment.

All those companies now become the largest welding companies in the world. They also provide the welding and safety equipment to other countries with the most affordable prices.

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ATLANTIC” focus on welding consumable over 70 years, our welding rods and welding wires be widely used in all kinds of industry fields, including pipeline, pressure vessels, bridges, vehicles and etc. If you have any demands for that, feel free to contact us for any welding consumables quotation or technical help!

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