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Egypt is a big market having many welding electrodes manufacturers & suppliers. some of these companies have factories in Egypt and others have out of Egypt. Here below is the list of these companies:

ATLANTIC Egypt Branch

The famous trademark “ATLANTIC” was registered in 1950 and it is awarded he “well-known Trademarks in China”. “ATLANTIC” has 15 sub-factories around in China and its head-office is located in Zigong, Sichuan, and set the Egypt branch in 2018. The design capacity of ATLANTIC products was more than 1,000,000 metric tons in the end of 2017. “ATLANTIC” welding consumables are over 500 types, which divided into welding rods, welding wires and welding fluxes three categories that include mild steel rods, cellulose rods, high toughness steel rods, low alloy steel rods, hardfacing rods, stainless steel rods, cryogenic steel rods, heat resistant steel rods, cast iron rods, nickel and nickel alloy rods and copper rod; wires suitable for MAG, MIG, TIG, SAW, FCW as well as for aluminium alloy and copper alloy; fluxes are classified into fused, sintered (agglomerated) and bonded types for submerged arc welding and electroslag welding.

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ESAB Egypt

ESAB was founded in 1904 by a Swedish engineer Oscar Kjellberg who had invented the world’s first stick welding electrode. The company was founded to develop the flux covered welding electrodes and the name of ESAB comes from the Swedish words: Elektriska Svetsnings – Aktiebolaget.

ESAB is one of the top leading companies in welding & cutting tools and welding consumables all over the world. sales and support are established in 147 countries including Egypt and there are 26 manufacturing plants across four continents. In Egypt, ESAB has started supplying welding consumables and welding tools for more than 40 years under the name of ESAB EGYPTL.L.C.

ESAB provides a variety of welding consumables including and not limited to the following:

  • Welding electrodes and wires for most common materials.
  • Welding fluxes required for SAW welding.
  • Welding inserts.

Other than welding consumables, ESAB provides a variety of welding and cutting machines and tools as follows:

  • Welding machines for all welding processes.
  • Welding robots.
  • Column and booms SAW machines.
  • Orbital welding systems.
  • CNC plasma cutting machines.
  • Industrial gas equipment.
  • ESAB cutting and grinding tools.
  • ESAB digital solutions.

Also, ESAB provides high-quality educational and training courses through the online ESAB university

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El-Kadesia Engineering Industries

El-Kadesia Engineering Industries [ kadesiawelding ] is the Egyptian market leader for more than 37 years in manufacturing welding electrodes. It was founded by Mr. Naguib Gwefel in 1985 based on the know-how and technology of manufacturing electrodes and under the licensee given by Böhler Welding Austria till 2011. In 2011 El-Kadesia decided to proceed independently under its own brand in manufacturing and exporting to local and foreign markets.

El-Kadesia factory is located on the 10th. Of Ramadan city in Egypt and it has annual capacity of 20,000 tons of welding electrodes.

El-Kadesia produces 5 types of welding electrodes: rutile coated, cellulosic coated, basic coated, low alloyed and stainless-steel electrodes which are matching with the American AWS standards and European EN standards.

El-Kadesia products serve many sectors including the oil & gas sector, the ship building sector, the construction sector, the electricity sector, the petrochemical sector, the fertilizers sector, military factors and many other sectors.

El-Kadesia has a solid quality assurance and quality control system to achieve high quality products, that is why the company products are certified by ABS, LR, GL and ISO 9001 and each product is delivered with issued certificates according to the specifications of EN 10204 3.1 and EN 10204 3.2.

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Al-Salem Quality Solutions for welding & cutting

Al-Salem company was founded in 1989 by Mr. Salem El-Hawawshi to work in supplying welding and cutting tools in addition to welding consumables. Al-Salem company works as a supplier for many brands: voestalpine Böhler Welding, Air liquide, Jaeckle, EWM Group, Kiswel, Metrode, voortman steel group and many other brands.

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MANOMETRIQUE company was founded by Mr. Emil Harvey for more than 50 years and works in supplying welding & cutting tools and their spare parts in addition to welding consumables and special maintenance electrode and inspection tools. The company has many agents & distributors: welding alloys group, SELECTRODE INDUSTRIES, WELSPRING UNIVERSAL, HUNTINGDON FUSION TECHNIQUES LIMITED, MITRE and many other agents.


Chehab Egypt

Chehab group was founded more than 40 years ago and works for supplying different tools for many aspects and welding is one of them. Regarding welding, Chehab supplies welding machines, welding electrodes and welding needed accessories in addition to cutting and grinding wheels.

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ESWECO Egyptian Swedish Welding Electrodes Company

ESWECO was founded in 1984 as a joint-venture company with ESAB Sweden. ESWECO produces different types of welding consumables: SMAW welding electrodes, TIG welding rods, GMAW welding coils, FCAW welding coils, SAW welding coils in addition to welding machines, oxy-fuel cutting tools, welding accessories and welding ovens. The company products are characterized by high quality. The products are certified by international organizations includes Lloyd’s of Germany & England and the American Bureau of shipping. The Company holds ISO 9001:2015.

In the other side, ESWECO company is very interested in training and educational tasks toward the young people who would like to learn and become welding professionals through the Egyptian welding academy EWA that is why ESWECO is integrated company whether by supplying welding consumables over 35000 tons per year or by supplying welding tools and welding machines with high quality.

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Welding Rod Manufacturer & Supplier

“ATLANTIC” focus on welding consumable over 70 years, our welding rods and welding wires be widely used in all kinds of industry fields, including pipeline, pressure vessels, bridges, vehicles and etc. If you have any demands for that, feel free to contact us for any welding consumables quotation or technical help!

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