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ER4043 Welding Wire for Aluminum or Aluminum Alloy (CHM-Al 4043)

ER4043 is one kind of common aluminum mig wire and it is suitable for welding category of 6xxx aluminum alloys that heat treatment can be applied. Since it is not sensitive to heat crack it could be used for welding wrought aluminum alloy or cast aluminum alloy that Si is not more than 7%. Also, brazing welding could be applied. But it is not suitable for welding aluminum-magnesium alloy (category of 5xxx aluminum-magnesium alloy) and it is not suitable for anodizing of electrical applications. It is widely used for welding aluminum alloy structures of ships, locomotives and carriages, motor vehicles, containers, sports apparatus, furniture as well as industries of chemical, foodstuff and etc.

Welding Position: F, HF, V

Type of Current: DCEP


  • Keeping the package of the wire in good condition before welding.
  • Both the surfaces to be welded of weldment and wire must be cleaned away impurities of oil contamination, oxide coating, moisture and so on.
  • To guarantee steady welding quality, TIG wire for aluminum welding should be the first choice. If MIG is necessary diameter of 1.6mm or more are recommended so that wire feeding could be processed smoothly.
  • To obtain good appearance of weld it is necessary to preheat the base metal to 100℃-200℃ before welding if its thickness is 10mm or more.
  • It is better to put a subplate under the weld zone to prop the melted metal so that to ensure complete penetration the weldment.
  • According to welding position and the thickness of base metal different shield gas should be chosen, such as 100%Ar, 75%Ar+25%He, 50%Ar+50%He, etc.
  • The welding conditions mentioned above for reference only and it is better to do a welding procedure qualification according to project before put it into formal welding.

ER4043 Chemical Composition of Deposited Metal (%)


ER4043 Mechanical Properties of Deposited Metal (AW, Typical)

Tensile Strength Rm (MPa)Yield Strength
Rp0.2 (MPa)
A4 (%)
Shield Gas

ER4043 Sizes & Recommended Current (MIG DC+)

ER4043 Welding Wire Diameter (mm)
Welding Current (A)180-300200-400240-450
Welding Voltage (V)18-2620-2822-32

ER4043 Sizes & Recommended Current (TIG AC)

ER4043 Welding Wire Diameter (mm)1.6-2.52.5-4.04.0-5.0
Welding Current (A)150-250200-320220-400
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