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What You Need to Know About Welding Wire E71T-1C/M

E71T-1C/M is tubular flux cored wire used usually with flux cored arc welding process FCAW with and without shielding gases depending on the wire designation. This type of welding wires is manufactured in the form of coils. What does E71T-1 stand for? The E71T-1 flux cored welding wire designation is according to the American welding […]

What You Need to Know About Welding Electrode E7018

welding rod 7018

E7018 welding electrode is defined as a low hydrogen iron powder electrode with basic flux coating. E7018 welding rod is suitable for welding heavy structures, high strength jobs where sub-zero impact properties are required. The basic flux coating ensures defect-free high-quality welds in addition to enhancing the mechanical properties. The presence of iron powder in […]

What You Need to Know About Welding Electrodes E6013

6013 welding rod supplier manufacturer

E6013 electrodes are Stick or SMAW welding electrodes with Rutile-type flux coating that contains Titania TiO2 as a slag former and potassium as arc stabilizer, so these electrodes are characterized by less spatter, arc is easily ignited, smooth weld profile and excellent for positional welding but they have limited penetration characteristics, cracking risks due to […]

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